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The White Line Crew presents

Deeper Than Snow

“Regular snowboard movies are all the same. So we decided to make ours about real people and real stories.”

We made our first snowboard film in 2012 called ‘The White Line’ which focused on Jake Cornish, an avalanche surviving snowboarder. We made the movie with no experience and no budget, but the response was so good, and the story so deep that we decided to continue with Jake's tale. So in 2013 we made our second film called ‘Deeper’ than Snow, delving further into Jake's story.

The production of these films made us realise that we were doing something unique and our ambition is to establish ourselves as a crew specialisng in making action sports movies with heart, soul and a focus on narrative. Over the coming years we hope to take on many more projects across a whole range of sports so that we can share amazing stories about amazing people who live for their passion.

“Our unique ambition is to establish ourselves as a crew which makes action sports movies with heart & soul.”


Ismar Badzic

A filmmaker with a vision for capturing real people and honest stories through cinematic means.




George Simpson

George is a camera Operator
with a great eye for shooting actions sports in a very delicate way.


Camera Operator


Nicolas Zen-Ruffinen

A producer with knowledge of both filmmaking and mountains, keeping the crew and talent safe and happy.




Jake Cornish

A Canadian snowboarder living in Switzerland, an avalanche survivor and star of the